“Rainbow of dreams with a cloud of success”, curates Brand of comedy - Navin Prabhakar. He truly sways our heart with being Best Comedian in India. His every show aired on television or energetic algorithm during public appearance and charismatic politeness that captures our heart in one glance. When his show Pechaan Kaun got aired, he captivated the attention of millions of audience and very soon that they became his irresistible fans.

Amongst the corporate dignitaries, he is the most loved and sensual star. He is considered to be India’s No.1 Corporate Stand up Comedian. Right from the mimicry of celebrities to making the best from every situation, you can count on him. In the Industry, he is the Numero Uno and only one celebrity to perform on Eiffel Tower. His work defines clear commitment and precision. He did invested time, efforts and Poise. He has experience of Completing 3000 Events Globally. He also hosted 12 th and 13 th Film Screen Awards. With several years of impeccable presence in the industry and gathered experience, his expertise lies in Mimicry, Judging, Anchoring, Acting, singing and much more. He has a feather on his cap, the fraternity of film industry adorns his caliber and acknowledges the fact that he has dubbed in 22 Hindi films for Bollywood Stars. With feature centric timings, he is best comedian in India and totally admirable by all age group people.

He stood well to every expectation of the renowned Directors, his dynamic acting and performance was promising gift to his fans and audience. As an actor, he has acted in 12 films.

In a seamless way, he is the bunch of abode surprises for his fans. He has dynamic caliber, sheer passion and his traits will surely make your heart giggle, distress your mind and laughter counter to your senses. Known for his impeccable presence, he has successfully completed 9 World tours. He has polite and witty side that leaves us with no second thought of Who is the Best Comedian for every performance!

Because for him… the only Oscar is your Laughter!


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